Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Next General Meeting

For those of you who have given away your proxy, do not worry, show up at the meeting and override the proxy.

You need to speak up otherwise there will be no case for complaint at Strata Title Board. Read up, educate yourself, be present at all meetings and ask questions. There is no dump question and no dump comment, it's OUR home and OUR life we are talking about here!!

Neighbours, see you all at the meeting.



Anonymous said...

Well, I am a only a tenant here recently and I definitely object to the enbloc.
Its by far one of the best maintained development with the luxury of space in the east coast.
Surely a waste to have it demolished.
I have lived many years and moved a lot living in Singapore. I knew from the en bloc fave when it got started and now 6-7 year can be said that at this phrase, its absolutely foolish to sell off en bloc.Though I may not be current with the statics n property news but only scraping off news now and then.My instinct tells me 'the boat has left'.
I have not attended any of the meetings. However, I did walk past the gatherings on couple of occassions on the way out or returing home.Just by glancing through the crowds I could see majority of them were housewives. You know those gossipy, self righteous sterotype ones who probably heard how their friends, relatives etc profiting from their en bloc sales.Thus with this 'new cash',they could afford their children overseas, buying overseas property and so on.That was then.Now with rising cost and inflation and higher property cost, it isn't the same.I could safely conclude that this en bloc was brought on by a few of these bored, desperate, selfish, greedy, short sighted aunties who has nothing better to do. Look at all the pretty notices they put up all over!Could we not as anti en bloc do the same and educate them. I mean,... really! Those group that want to sell now should just sell and not drag the rest into their boring graves.
Meanwhile, I think it won't be another 5years or more so before the property tide starts to rise. I suggest long wait wait...that is all. It would be interesting to watch which developer is willing to top up an offer now

Ocean Park Anti-enbloc said...

Thank you for your encouraging comments. Unfortunately lots of Singaporeans are very materialistic, they treat everything like Ikea stuff - disposables, including their home, oops or their apartment (can't say it's "home" to them)!

Although we do not think that this enbloc will go through as the price they are asking for is too expensive for developers, we will not take the risk of just sitting back and waiting for them to push us around.

We are a group of owners who think that Ocean Park has great potential, this is a beautifully maintained 20yr condo, not like some trashy stuff along the East Coast Rd where people can't wait to get out.

We hope that through this blog the non-sellers will contact us and build up a bigger group of similar minded people so that when faced with harrassment we can band together and give each other emotional support.

Thanks again for your note.

dance with me said...

I wonder if this is normal in any other place, - I am glad that I did not buy a place and was left to others deciding for me what I should and should not do with my own property

I think collectively if all in Ocean Park put their differences aside ( those opposed to this En-bloc) the ones who want to drive those who love this place) will not succeed
OP is a Beautiful Condo and I have been here for more years than in my own country and will be real sorry to see it replaced with cookie cutter apartments
YOU guys , Owners even if you shell out 5 Million you will never ever again get this kind of a place, opening on Marine Parade and East Coast road, have step out transportation and the the lovely community Ocean Park has presently
Just take a look at WaterSide its a mess with so many blocks, and NO Balconies, No View, No nearby transport NO NO- NO DO NOT let the greed of those who want to drive you out happen
Fight for your rights and do not bow down
The building is Solid, well maintained, peaceful and worth fighting for your rights to keep your homes