Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why no to enbloc!



Dear Neighbours,

Before you vote “yes” to en bloc, could you please take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

1 What are your options?? Especially for those of us who do not already own a second property. You cash out in this red-hot market, BUT do not forget the red-hot market also applies to what you are looking to buy.

2. When will I get my money? By the time I get my proceed what kind of pricing will I be looking at for my replacement property? You will not get your proceed till 12-18 months after you sign your home away.

3. Can I find another HOME where I can have the same type of quality of life?

There is no more development along the East Coast that has such development like ours; this is what Ocean Park is to a lot of us: -

1. Conveniently located, especially for those who need the public transport, and not forgetting everything is within walking distance, and for many of us, unblocked seaview!

2. Our 4 buildings are very nicely spaced out that we don’t have to look into our neighbours’ home.

3. We don’t have 500 other units fighting with us to book BBQ pit, tennis court and use of gym.

4. Do we really want to move into one of those “fish tank” office-looking building where sun shines in all day long, and we can’t have all windows wide open e.g. Trump, Waterplace, Sea View.

5. When you buy a leasehold property (99 years) potentially the owners are reluctant to approve upgrading and lead to potential problems years down the road, e.g. lift problems at Bayshore Park.

6. It is not true that brand new units are problem free. I know of real situations of leakages, noisy air conditioners, and aircon pipe leaked and water came gashing down. You are lucky if you are still within the 1-year warranty given by the developer, after that it’s your own problem to fix!!!

For those of you who want to cash out, SELL IT ON YOUR OWN NOW, don’t waste your time and ours.

For those of you who think you can choose to be the 20% minority and not signing, and choose to remain silent, please be reminded that when things get messy, we will be legally affected too. I am sure you are aware of the HORIZON TOWER’s case! If we were to get to that stage, then we would be stuck, unable to move forward, and unable to sit back and relax either!!!

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